why do people tell me these things?

First, a few students tell me about another one of my students (who happens to be a co-worker's daughter) doing things with a boy on video. She's 12. I am praying that this is just a rumor that these kids are spreading, rather than the truth. When I was 12, I didn't even know what half of this stuff WAS! Blow job? Do you blow on it? Why would someone like that?

Later that evening, my mom calls me to tell me that Dad has a girlfriend. Mind you, they're separated, and mom is actively looking for someone else on the internet (gross). She expected me to feel sorry for her, or to be outraged, when frankly, I'm just not. It's weird that he has a girlfriend, but whatever. He's not rubbing it in my face, or anyone's for that matter, so why does she feel the need to throw it at me? Don't put me in the middle of things. She's an adult, and I am her daughter, NOT her friend. She needs to grow up and deal with it.

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