sleepy ramblings

I haven't been back to Carmel since Christmas - even then I only spent one night there. It is beginning to feel less like home, and more like a place where my parents live. separately. I really wish they would both move on to greener pastures. Live their lives to their fullest. Maybe eventually.

Work has been burning me out. The kids forgot how to behave over xmas break. Then we have state ELA testing... don't get me started. Somehow, the students think that testing means NO WORK in any class. wtf?! I am nice, but there is no way in hell they are going to sit around and do nothing in MY class! NO. FUCKING. WAY.

I am burned the fuck out.

Which is why I've made an appointment for February at the spa. I am going to finally be running into a nice chunk of money, and decided to pay myself first for once. Facial and 90 minute massage, here i come! It's seriously what is getting me through the day right now.

Random: HEY! Top chef people live down the road from me! I know that hideous building!! It gets to burn a hole in my retina daily! yes!


i'm tired.