hair cut

So, I got a haircut on friday. Afterwards, I met up with Merrill, Victor and Ray to get the best oysters I have ever eaten for dinner. Marlow & Sons is now my favorite brooklyn eatery. Hands down. Anyway, this is my new haircut:

It's much shorter than I had intended on getting it cut, but I really like it. It feels much more natural to me. I've been trying to grow my hair and try all of these chic hairstyles... they just weren't working. chop that shit off.
The weekend was really nice and relaxing. Went to Ray's parents on Saturday, where I ate way too much (as usual). Ray's mom just doesn't know how to make something without frying it. Seriously... there was fried chicken IN the fucking pasta sauce. That is impressive. Needless to say, I went home with a major belly ache that night. My tummy hurt so bad that I didn't even get to go to Eliz's birthday party. dammit.
This week is the beginning of a crazy life for me. I'll be tutoring Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for the next six weeks, while coaching basketball on Mondays and Fridays. Dang. The fat pay check will be worth it all, I know.


Sarah Coburn said...
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Sarah Coburn said...

You look beautiful! I hope you are well and I'm sending good thoughts, positive energy and love your way xo

Jessie said...

thanks sarah! right back at ya!