Year 3

Third year is coming to a close. Only 1.5 hours left until I am done with my third year of teaching. This year has been easier than the last two, but has had it's own unique challenges. I have never had a class that is as loud, but as motivated at 704. This year's 705 was much better than last years (with the exception of crazies like wesley, antonio, and xavier... all of which I love, in a way). 706... oh dear god. Who would think that a class with 7 boys in it would be so challenging. The only way I could teach them was if I was at their table, doing each problem with them. There were some days i just threw in the towel and ignored their perverted conversations.

All in all, I would say that this year has been a success. I know what to do different next year, curriculum-wise as well as management-wise. The kids next year are guaranteed to be more difficult than any year prior, but I think i am more prepared to handle their craziness.

So.. summer begins. The first summer I will spend without actually working! Expect to find me at the park, beach and my back yard A LOT. Then off to costa rica!!! S O E X C I T E D.

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