Only one more week....

Six days to be exact. Six more six a.m. mornings. Six more first period classes. Six more. That's all. six.

Weeks one through four of summer vacation may be spent in one of two possible ways. Either Ray's boss hires me for those few weeks to help out around the office, or I do absolutely nothing. If I don' t end up having a 9 -5, I am going to help Ray set up his gallery show by making and engine pillows, and hanging up wood panelling. I'll probably also get some planters and a new bench for the yard. Don't tell Ray, but I am kind of hoping that I don' t get any work for those few weeks.

The following four weeks (from July 24 - August 17) will be spent in Costa Rica. It's the longest I have ever been away from home. Ray and I have never been apart for more than five days... now we're going to apart for an entire two weeks! eek! I'm excited about it.

So, pretty much, my entire summer is planned out. I'll have the occasional weekend that I will be able to spend with friends, but mostly, I'll be busy.

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