moving on

There are so many amazing things going on in my life... I've decided not to waste one more minute hating, or even thinking about, my mother. Instead, here's what has been making me happy these days:
  • basketball league that I'm not really playing in, but keeping time and score. Making lots of friends and having a good time joking and getting to know new people.
  • work is alright. kids are funny sometimes.
  • I've been able to work out consistently, which has greatly improved my moods.
  • Ray.
  • Meatball and Harley are starting to seriously love each other. Today, Harley was sleeping on my lap, and along comes Meaty. He plops on my chest and the two of them snuggle with me, and eachother, in perfect harmony. What else could a kitty mommy want?!
  • This weekend I am going to Riverhead to visit my aunt while she is still out there. We're doing a wine tour on Saturday and going to a wedding together on Sunday. All in all, it's going to be a great weekend with family that I never get the chance to see!
  • The weekend after that is our annual camping trip. M and V are joining the usual Sell family crew. I'm really really excited about this!!
  • I'm living in Costa Rica for a month this summer. seriously.
  • My sister is having a baby in December, and is due on my birthday. I'M GONNA BE AN AUNTIE!! aaaannnndddd, my weenie is going to be a mommy!!!!! holy crap.
  • Book club has had me reading a lot of interesting things. Has me thinking.

So, there's a lot to be happy about. A lot of good things to write about. More goodness to come.

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