So, I had an MRI on my left knee a few weeks ago. This knee has been nothing but trouble. Ever since 2003, when I foolishly stood outside of the pit at a boy sets fire concert, and some big dude barrelled into me, my knee has never been the same. If I were smart, I would have had an MRi six years ago, and seen that my acl was torn, with less damage to my meniscus. But.. NO. I had to wait six whole years, and three injuries later, to finally concede defeat.

Surgery is going to be August 20th, tentatively. I am going to be out of commission for quite a while, and just might have to miss a few weeks of school. Company and food would be greatly appreciated during these weeks. Any volunteers? Then again, I am going to be FUCKED up on pain meds, drooling, in my underwear, playing zelda.

Speaking of zelda... I had a dream the other night that I had gotten out of surgery and the first thing I did was go home to play some zelda. Only to find out that Ray beat the game while I was in surgery. I confronted Ray, being all like "WHAT THE FUCK!????!" and he was just like ... "yo babe, I was bored. Your surgery took a really long time!"

well, I'm going to try to get out of the house and drink some margaritas in the park for a little while. yay.

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