First Day

The first day has come and gone. I am sitting in the computer lab at City College, winding down before class begins. The kids were... well, rowdy. Not bad, but rowdy. I've definitely figured out who can not sit near one another, and plan on fixing that tomorrow. I only saw one of the three groups of kids today, so they didn't get the full blown first day lesson, only the jist of what the rules are, and how to do well in my class.

The day started with the kids all riled up after breakfast. They eventually calmed down and did what they were asked to do. I just had to repeat it 3 times so everyone could hear me over the chatter and yelling. After lunch, they started to realize that they were not going to get away with being so bad, and decided to cooperate. We played Math Bingo using their multiplication tables, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. They are a competitive bunch, and extremely energetic. I'll definitely have to use that to my advantage.

Anyway, that is the jist of my first day teaching. Most of my anxiety has melted away as I realize that these students just might be able to be taught!! haha.

I am so exhausted.

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