The end of my third week of teaching. I love it. Some days I hate it. Like yesterday, for instance. I'm PMS'ing and getting sick. The kids have been sneezing all over the place (my room is way way way too dusty) and finally I caught whatever they have. It feels like strep throat. What sucks is that my FLONASE ran out and I need to get it refilled. BUT, my insurance also ran out as of sept. 1st. I have new insurance, but my prescription coverage doesn't start until later. Bummer. I might just suck it up and pay full price for it. I hope it's not 100 dollars. I NEED IT.

On top of having the worst sore throat and runny nose yesterday, my kids were OFF THE WALL. Friday syndrome. I really don't like doing Poetry on Friday's. They need the math, and frankly, they think poetry is a joke, making my life miserable. My day was so bad that the kids in my 7th and 8th period were given a pop quiz in math and for homework they have to write a letter explaining the rules of the classroom and why we need them. If they were breaking the rules, why they thought that it was acceptable to do so. I completely lost it 8th period yesterday. I know that I have to keep my cool, but sometimes it's just so hard. I think these kids are trying to getme to quit. This really is teh only class that i feel is doing this, and not even the entire class, just the select few. I tried calling their houses yesterday, but to no avail. All of the numbers were disconnected. Figures.

But now it's the weekend, and tonight I am going out no matter what. Sick or not. I need to get OUT!!! Last night I was planning to do so, but I came home after a lovely dinner with Ray and completely assed out. I'm talking 10:30 here. It was so bad that I fell asleep in my clothes and ray had to change me into pjs a few hours later. Awesome.

Today I have an IKEA trip to look forward to, as well as a Rockland trip.

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Julie said...

hang in there my dear! You will find a way to handle those little creeps, just think of ways to hit them where it hurts and then use it to really reach them. Also, try creating a handout for each of those pimple faced kids to write their current phone numbers (although their parents may not be much better.) Good luck!