This is the first post in my new blog. I feel it's appropriate to move on from livejournal to my own personal blog. I first started blogging when I moved to Buffalo and started college. Seeing as I am embarking on my journey as a Middle School teacher in the Bronx, it is only appropriate that I start blogging with a clean slate, right?


On Thursday, I will be beginning my career as a teacher. That's right, a career. And, yes, I am 22 years old. And of course, this scares me half to death. I never would have thought, as a freshman at UB that I would be sitting here today, in this lopsided Brooklyn apartment, preparing lessons for 100 seventh graders. Never in my wildest dreams. Nobody in my entire family has had a career before the age of 25 or so. I find myself worrying that I am rushing growing up.

Still, on Thursday, ready or not, I am officially Ms. Carrancio. Yikes.


Jacqueline said...

you rock, cuz!! i can't wait to hear the stories. seventh graders are awesome! they really still have that little bit of kid in them, willing to have fun if coaxed, willing to learn cool shit, but self-conscious enough to be a tad shy. enjoy these first moments, as they are going to be something you're never going to forget.



Bonnie said...

Life is as exciting as you make it. It only becomes stale when you let it. If anyone can handle it you can. You survived Jimmy, Eddie and Tony. And just remember Uncle Ed is just a phone call away. I am very proud of you, as you should be. I love you. XOXO.

Jean said...

YAY caca! I wish you the best of luck with teaching! I know you will be great and the kids will love you. I look forward to hearing your adventures.