winding down

I finally have a moment to myself. Finally. I spent my Saturday morning tutoring 7 of my students for the upcoming state exam. Luckily, the kids that showed up were not major pains in the asses. I was entertained and the three hours flew by.

I re-injured my knew on Wednesday in a basketball game against our varsity girls team. I went up for a rebound at the same time as a much stronger and larger 16 year old, got nudged, and landed the wrong way, twisting my knee. I was so embarassed. A bunch of my students were there to watch and heckle. They were really concerned when I fell (two of them came down on to the court to make sure I was okay!) Still, it made me realize that my body is no longer 16 years old. I have a bad knee and I don't have the endurance to last 32 minutes in a basketball game.

GOOD NEWS! I paid for my flight and trip to Costa Rica this summer. I leave July 24th and come back August 17th! I'll be building houses in San Ramon for the first two weeks, then travelling to two different national parks with Ray for the rest of the time there. I can't wait!!!

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